Climate Change Resilience: Preparing for Power Loss

September 28, 2018. NYC Daylighting is featured in the Climate Change Exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History for installation of Solatube's in small businesses. Solatube's provide natural light indoors during power outages...Watch More.

NYC Small Businesses to Receive Flood-proofing Technologies Under New Grant

May 19, 2015. Earlier this month, the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) announced that OptiRTC, Inc. (Opti), a technology company that delivers Software-as-a-Service solutions, and Geosyntec Consultants, a specialized consulting and engineering firm, have won a competitive grant....Read more.

Can these gates protect NYC from the next flood?

May 8, 2015. Last week, Florida-based Architecture Metals was one of 11 companies to win $30 million in federal grants....Read more.

South Florida Company Selected by New York City to Provide Flood Protection to Small Businesses

May 7, 2015. Flood Panel LLC was selected by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) to provide flood protection for small businesses hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy across the city’s five boroughs....Read more.

Norwich, CT Company “F William Brown LLC” along with Flood Panel LLC “RISE” to the Occasion and Win a Prestigious Contract Award in NY City

May 5, 2015. With over 200 applicants worldwide, F. William Brown LLC's proposal was one of eleven selected to win the RISE:NYC competition....Read more.

RISE:NYC Announces Anderson Indiana Startup Go Electric Inc. Winner in $30 Million Innovative Technologies Competition

May 1, 2015. Go Electric Inc., a green tech startup headquartered at the Flagship Enterprise Center, was announced a winner in the $30 million innovative technologies competition for the RISE:NYC program....Read more.

New York City Selects Flood Panel Solution to Protect Small Businesses from Next Superstorm

May 1, 2015. Flood Panel was selected by the New York City Economic Development Corporation to provide flood protection for small businesses hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy across the city's five boroughs....Read more.

New America’s Resilient Mesh Wireless Project Wins RISE:NYC Competition

May 1, 2015. New America is pleased to announce that its Resilient Mesh Wireless initiative is a winner of RISE : NYC, a New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) competition to identify and deploy creative new technologies to promote recovery from Superstorm Sandy, mitigate the impacts of future storms, floods and power outages, and strengthen the City’s long-term resiliency efforts....Read more.

UGE Selected to Install Portfolio of Microgrid Systems for Small Businesses in New York City

May 1, 2015. UGE International Ltd, a leader in renewable energy solutions for businesses, has been selected as a winner of the RISE:NYC competition, which will see the Company install microgrid renewable energy systems to help power relief efforts in New York City communities affected by Hurricane Sandy....Read more.

CALM Energy, Inc. Chosen by RISE:NYC to Make New York City Small Businesses More Resilient to Storms

May 1, 2015. CALM Energy, Inc. has been chosen by NYCEDC’s RISE:NYC initiative to deploy CALM Energy's Energy Watchdog product with clean distributed generation for small businesses impacted by super storm Sandy....Read more.

Big Week for NYC Daylighting

May 1, 2015. NYC Daylighting will receive a share of $30 million via the Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery program....Read more.

Bright Power Wins RISE:NYC Competition with Innovative Resilient Power Hub

May 1, 2015. Energy Management provider, Bright Power, is awarded prize to implement innovative resiliency solution at 3 New York City sites....Read more.

Mayor de Blasio Announces Selection of RISE:NYC Technologies to be Deployed at Sandy-Impacted Small Businesses Across New York City

April 30, 2015. Eleven innovative technologies will receive up to $30 million to implement resiliency projects at small businesses hit by Hurricane Sandy, at no cost to businesses owners....Read more.

City announces finalists for post Sandy app/devices competition

April 29, 2015. The city will back 11 startups who came up with ideas to help fortify the city against natural disasters....Read more.

Start-Up's Antenna Technology Recognized by City

April 29, 2015. A tech start-up in Brooklyn says it's got the answer when it comes to making a call or sending a text message when there's no cell service - technology the city says can help the next time there's a disaster like Hurricane Sandy....Read more.

American Cities of the Future 2015/16 Winners

April/May, 2015. The Financial Times fDi Magazine has announced New York as the American City of the Future thanks to strategies such as RISE : NYC....Read more.

Huff Post Live, Top Stories

October 21th, 2014. Huff Post interviews RISE : NYC finalist, UGE, on how microgrids can help NYC stand up to natural disasters (24:45)

Doomsday Preppers: Small Business Edition

October 20th, 2014. Sandless sandbags and cutting edge liquid metal batteries are some of the ideas floated in a competition to prepare NYC for climate disasters....Read more.

Rising to the Challenge

October 9th, 2014. At this week’s Technology Demo Night, set against the stunning backdrop at the New York Academy of Sciences, companies demonstrated exactly how they would protect communities and small businesses from future storms....Read more.

RISE: NYC Technology Demo Night Highlights Microgrid and Energy Storage Projects

October 8th, 2014. At the NYC Technology Demo Night, Stage 2 finalists in the RISE : NYC competition showcased their diverse set of resiliency projects and technologies, and demonstrated how businesses can benefit from their solutions....Read more.

4 Technology Projects That Will Change New York City Service Delivery

September 8th, 2014. The city's integration of modern technology into everyday services indicates that tech is a large part of its growth and improvement efforts....Read more.

A Competition to Make the City More Resilient

September 2nd, 2014. When Hurricane Sandy hit New York nearly two years ago, it left devastation in its wake. Homes and livelihoods were lost, and the storm caused $19 billion in estimated damage. Small businesses were particularly hard hit....Read more.

City Agencies Boost Services with New Tech Projects

September 1st, 2014. City agencies have been exploring options to integrate the latest technology into their services and New Yorkers are already seeing major improvements to their quality of life.Tech advocates and experts predict the best is yet to come....Read more.

Sun Systems: D’town Company Pitches Solar-powered Internet

August 27th, 2014. The next Hurricane Sandy is going to be a Bloc party.That’s what BlocPower, one of the 27 finalists for a chunk of a $30 million Economic Development Corporation grant, hopes, anyway.... Read more.

Companies Go Head to Head in Contest to Protect NYC from Future Storms

August 25th, 2014. Two Queens companies are going head to head to help protect the city from future storms. Corona-based Parcor Materials and NYC Daylighting in Rockaway are among the 27 finalists competing for a slice of the $30 million.... Read more.

Red Hook’s Cutting-Edge Wireless Network

August 22nd, 2014. Robert Smith, a 19-year-old in a gray T-shirt and camouflage pants, climbed the stairwell of the Joseph Miccio Community Center in Red Hook, scaled a ladder at the top floor and jumped onto the roof. He soon found what he was looking for: bright, white plastic boxes.... Read more.

Solatube: Lighting The Way After Sandy

August 1st, 2014. Local business owner Michael Shea has deep roots in Rockaway. His father lived here and his grandfather before that.... Read more.

RISE : NYC Finalist Spotlight: NYC Daylighting

July 29th, 2014. Among the technologies being considered to help prepare New York City for future storms is one that is deceptively simple: daylighting... Read more.

The GoTenna Will Let You Communicate Without Any Connectivity

July 17th, 2014. By this point, most of us are fully addicted to our smartphones. And when we find ourselves without Wifi or data service, our most direct connection to everything becomes almost useless. That’s where GoTenna comes in.... Read more.

Combating Climate Change with Technology

July 8th, 2014. Removable storm surge barriers, wireless mesh communication networks, batteries charged by solar and wind, disaster preparedness software... Read more.

Wialan Technologies Chosen as Finalist for RISE:NYC Competition to Provide Cutting Edge Solutions for New York City

July 3rd, 2014. Wialan Technologies, Inc., a next generation telecommunications provider, today announced that it has been chosen as a finalist in the RISE:NYC competition to provide wireless technology solutions to New York City... Read more.

RISE : NYC Connect

June 26th, 2014. Last week, over 70 people gathered at Green Light New York for RISE : NYC Connect, an event that brought together local Hurricane Sandy-impacted small businesses and finalists of the $30 million RISE : NYC competition. Read more.

Big Idea: A Prepared and Resilient NYC

June 24th, 2014. NYCEDC is partnering with RISE : NYC and ClimateCentral to empower everyday New Yorkers to prepare for future risks. Read more.

Next City: New York’s $30 Million Contest for Resiliency Entrepreneurs

February 26th, 2014. When it comes to innovative rebuilding and resiliency programs, New York is putting $30 million of its Federal Disaster Recovery money where its mouth is. Read more.

Peter Gardett: Process Innovation: A New York City energy sector dialectic

February 26th, 2014. [...] Efforts to experiment and learn through process innovation is ongoing in a number of business and public institutions, and one such effort recently came to bear directly on my own little world of the New York City energy sector. Read more.

Breaking Energy: A More Energy Resilient New York? City Broadens Search for Solutions

February 24th, 2014. [...] While the work to fix known problems with known solutions continues, the city’s Economic Development Corporation noted that in many cases the best solutions to problems come from unexpected places. Read more.

Breaking Energy: For a Strong Economy in the Face of Future Storms, Cities Need Resiliency Innovation

February 21st, 2014. [...] Private sector innovation in technology, business models and financing is critical to creating effective, affordable solutions for small businesses. Read more.

NYCEDC: Preparing for the Next Storm Through Innovation and new Technology

February 13th, 2014. [...] Because the future is unpredictable, the city needs solutions as diverse as the problems themselves—a strategy that includes more than just traditional measures. After all, the city has a lot on the line. Read more.

Real Estate Weekly: RISE today for a better tomorrow

February 11th, 2014. [...] I am proud to be part of a new competition, launched by the New York City Economic Development Corporation that is soliciting ideas to help meet the challenge of preparing us for a future storm or weather event. Read more.

The Climate Group: New York City Launches $30 Million Competition to Make Businesses More Resilient to Storms Like Sandy

January 30th, 2014. A Federally-funded contest has been launched to help New York City's small businesses become more resilient to climate change. Read more.

Gothamist: NYC Will Give You Millions To Protect Your Business From Global Warming

January 30th, 2014. [...] the city is offering $30 million in federal funding to businesses and organizations that can come up with the best technologies to protect themselves from the effects of global warming. Read more.

New York Business Journal: Your Idea to Disaster-proof Small Business Might Be Worth $30M

January 30th, 2014. New York City is looking for technology that could help small businesses affected by Hurricane Sandy better withstand the next major storm, offering up to $30 million to install the best ideas. Read more.

NYCEDC Announces Launch of $30 Million Competition to Help Small Businesses Become More Resilient

January 29th, 2014. Federally-funded competition seeks innovative technologies from around the globe to be installed at Sandy-impacted small businesses across the city at no cost. Read more.